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1884 - 1918

Joseph was the younger brother of my grandfather.  It was thought that he was worried about being called up by the army when he committed suicide in 1918.  But why being killed as a soldier should be worse than his chosen fate, is anybody's guess!  If only he had waited another six months...   The following transcriptions are taken from Stockport newspapers reports and his death certificate.

Stockport County Borough Express                                 Thursday, June 6, 1918


PIDGEON – Joseph Pidgeon of High Street, Cheadle, aged 34.   Deceased had been in poor health for some years.   Recently he underwent an operation in a nursing home.   Last Friday, in response to a “calling up” paper, he attended at the Market Hall, Stockport, for examination by the Medical Board.   The place was full of men on similar business.     Deceased went to see his sister in Hazel Grove, apparently intending to return in the afternoon.   He then seemed as usual.   He did not return home, and on Sunday night his body was found in a pond on a Mr A. Bradley’s farm at Hazel Grove.


The Advertiser                                                                       Friday, June 7, 1918

Suicide of a Cheadle Tradesman

–  –  –  –

Ill-heath and Depression

–  –  –  –

Mr. A. E. Ferns, the Stockport District Coroner, held an inquest at the Christian Bethel, Hazel Grove on Monday, on on (sic) Joseph Pidgeon (34), who carried on business in High Street, Cheadle and whose body was found in a pit on Pepper Street Farm, Hazel Grove by the farmer Mr A. Bradley.

Evidence was given that the deceased had not been in good health for nine or ten years.   Recently, he underwent an operation and was in a nursing home.   On Friday last he went to the Market Place, Stockport, to arrange for an examination by the Medical Board, but finding the place full, left and went to see his sister at Hazel Grove, his intention apparently being to return in the afternoon.  His sister stated that he seemed to be quite cheerful considering his state of health.  He did not return home and his body was found by Mr Bradley on Sunday night.

A verdict of suicide whilst temporarily insane was returned.

The funeral took place at Norbury Church on Tuesday.  Prior to the interment a short service was held at his mother’s residence, conducted by the Rev. J. Mitchell, who also officiated at the graveside.   The body was enclosed in a polished oak coffin with brass fittings, and was conveyed to the burial ground in a Darley car.   The principal mourners were:– Mrs. J. Pidgeon (wife), Mr. Walter F. Pidgeon (brother), Mr. T. Pidgeon (brother), Miss F. Pidgeon (sister), Mrs. Kendrick, Mrs. W. F. Pidgeon, Mrs. T. Pidgeon, Mr. and Mrs. Potts, Mrs. Stewart, Mr. G. Hammond, Mrs. Wild (Reddish), Mr. F. Newton, and Rev. J. Mitchell.   There were several wreaths and floral tributes.   Mr. Isaac Adshead, of Cooke Street, Hazel Grove, had the funeral arrangements in hand.


Death Certificate   (Registration District of Stockport, Cheshire)

When and where died

Thirty first May, 1918.  Pit at rear of Pepper Street Farm, Hazel Grove cum Bramhall U D

Name and Surname

Joseph Pidgeon




34 years


Joiner of 78 High Street, Cheadle

Cause of Death

Haemorrhage from a wound in the throat.  Suicide by cutting his throat with some sharp instrument at Hazel Grove on the thirty-first May 1918 whilst of unsound mind.

Signature, description and residence of informant

Certificate received from A. E. Ferns Coroner for Cheshire.  Inquest held 3rd June 1918.

When registered

Fourth June  1918

Signature of registrar

Albert William Moors

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