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North & Midlands of England

Most Pidgeons of the North and Midlands (excluding Shropshire) are known to have come from elsewhere - either from the south or from Ireland. There are exceptions which can be traced back to Derbyshire and Nottingham, but the origins of these have not yet been traced any earlier than the 19th century.

Irish Immigrants

All the Pidgeons below came from Ireland in the 19th century. The families are named according to where they settled.

Liverpool   Thomas PIDGEON was born in Dublin about 1818, came over to England about 1844 with his wife and son, and settled in Liverpool.

Liverpool & Birkenhead  James PIDGEON was born in King's County about 1811. He came to England about 1836 or '37 with his wife Ellen and daughter Julia Maria. They settled in Liverpool, but Ellen died in 1854. After remarrying, James and his family moved south across the River Mersey to settle at Birkenhead, Cheshire.

Middlesbrough   Patrick PIDGEON was born about 1860 in County Mayo. He came over to England to work as a labourer in a steelworks in Middlesbrough, where he married Ellen KEENAN in 1886 and settled down with a large family.

Stockport   Robert PIDGEON was born in Ireland about 1854. He married Elizabeth FROGGATT from Uttoxeter, Staffs and they settled in Stockport about 1880.

Walsall   Several families from Ireland appeared in Walsall in the early 1840s. One family arrived about 1838 via Huddersfield in Yorkshire. Were they related? Some came from County Mayo; did they all? There are many unanswered questions concerning these Pidgeons.

Wigan   Patrick PIDGEON was born about 1827, possibly in County Sligo and married Mary before coming to England. They first lived at Chorley, Lancs, returned to Ireland, and finally settled at Wigan, Lancs.

Wolverhampton   Anthony and Thomas PIDGEON were NOT brothers, but may have been cousins, born in Ireland about 1831 and 1833, respectively. They arrived in Wolverhampton about the same time in the 1850s and married two Irish CAREY sisters.

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