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Pidgeons of Oswestry

Oswestry is about 16 miles NW of Shrewsbury, and 14 miles W of Wem.  This family of Pidgeons appeared there in 1720. But whence did they come?  An wither did they go?  Presumably, Richard Pigeons was born in the later 17th century, but no such birth or baptism can be found in Shropshire. He and his wife Elizabeth were in Oswestry in 1720, when their daughter Mary was baptised, and they died there in 1775 and 1781, respectively.  Apart from a grandson Richard Pidgeon, who was probably married at Stanton-upon-Hine Heath in 1818, the family disappears from Oswestry as mysteriously as it appeared.  And after his marriage to Elizabeth Dale, nothing further is known about Richard the younger.

In the 1720s, the family lived in Willow Street, but they later moved to Leg Street, where Richard and Elizabeth died, and their grandson Richard was born.

Notes:     ab. = about,  b. = born,  bp. = baptised,  bu. = buried,  d. = died,  m. = married,  (+) = extra-marital relationship

Richard Pigeons (bp. bu.2/2/1775, Oswestry)

    m.() Elizabeth ? (bp. bu.27/7/1781, Oswestry)


     | Mary PIGEONS (bp.24/4/1720, Oswestry bu.)


     | Richard PIGEN (bp.30/9/1723, Oswestry bu.17/7/1795, Oswestry)


     | Thomas PIGGEN (bp.12/4/1726, Oswestry bu.)


     | Elizabeth PIDGEON (bp.9/6/1728, Oswestry bu.3/11/1728, Oswestry)


     | Elizabeth PIGEON (bp.19/5/1730, Oswestry bu.)

     |     (+) John EVANS

     |       |

     |       | Mary PIDGEON (bp.9/8/1763, Oswestry bu.)

     |       :

     |     (+) Joseph SALTER

     |       |

     |      └  Sarah PIGEON (29/9/1771, Oswestry bu.)

     |             (+) John GRIFFITHS

     |               |

     |              └  Richard PIDGEON (bp.13/10/1793, Oswestry bu.)

     |                     m?(6/12/1818, Stanton upon Hine Heath) Elizabeth DALE bp. bu.)


    └  Jane PIGEON (bp.2/10/1733, Oswestry bu.)

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