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PIDGEONs of Hampton Lucy, Warwickshire

The earliest records of Pidgeons in Warwickshire are to be found at Charlecote and Hampton Lucy, two villages on either side of the River Avon, connected in those days by fords across the river. The village of Hampton had been owned by the Bishop of Worcester since the eighth century and had been known as Bishop’s Hampton. In 1549 the manor and lands associated with the village were sold to John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, who led the regency government of the young King Edward VI (1547-53). After Edward’s death and the succession of Queen (“Bloody”) Mary I in 1553, Dudley was executed for treason and the village was leased to Thomas Lucy of Charlecote. Hence¬¬¬forth, it was known as Hampton Lucy.

Thomas Lucy built his manor at Charlecote in 1553. One can only wonder what role the Pidgeon family played in its building and maintenance. Or perhaps they were “ag labs” who worked in the fields to feed their lordships. Alveston and Snitterfield were villages close to Charlecote and Hampton Lucy, and one can imagine members of the family moving to one or the other depending upon the work available.

   ab. = about,  b. = born,  bp. = baptised,  bu. = buried,  d. = died,  m. = married,
Matthew PIGEON
   m.() ? ?
    |– Thomas PIGEON (bp.24/6/1543, Charlecote – d.)
John PIGEON (b. – bu? 8/7/1567, Hampton Lucy)
   m?() Alyce ? (b. – bu.14/11/1557, Hampton Lucy)
    |– Elizabeth PIGGEN (bp.1544, Charlecote – d.)
   └  Agnes PIGEON (bp.21/2/1553/4, Hampton Lucy – d.)
Mawde PIGGEN (b. – d.)
   m.(6/6/1553, Charlecote) Thomas FLODDER (b. – d.)
Robert PIGEON (b. – d.)
   m.(ab.1560) ? ?
    |-? Robert PIGEON (b. – d.)
    |      m.(12/6/1582, Snitterfield) Elizabeth FIELD (b. – d.)
    |       |
    |      └  Alice PIGEON (bp.23/4/1583, Snitterfield – d.)
    |              m.(16/9/1621, Snitterfield) Thomas MOORE (b. – d.)
    |-? Bartholomew PIGEON (bp.3/4//1574, Snitterfield – d.)
    |-? Elizabeth PIGEON (bp.28/11/1576, Snitterfield – d.)
   └  Michael PIGEON (bp.6/3/1579, Snitterfield – d.)
           m.(22/5/1603, Alveston) Mary WOTTON (b. – d.)
            |– Anne PIGGEON (bp.30/8/1607, Snitterfield – d.)
            |– William PIGGEON (bp.15/4/1609, Snitterfield – d.)
            |– Joseph PIGGEON (bp.7/4/1611, Snitterfield – d.)
            |– John PIGGEON (bp.16/3/1613, Snitterfield – d.)
            |      m.() Jane ? (b. – d.)
            |       |
            |       |– Mary PIGGION (bp.24/4/1660, Snitterfield – d.)
            |       |
            |      └  John PIGEON (bp.23/3/1661, Snitterfield – bu.213/1728, Snitterfield)
            |              m.() Jane ? (b. – bu.15/1/1722/3, Snitterfield)
           └  Alice PIGGEON (bp.2/8/1618, Snitterfield – d.)
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