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PIDGEONs of Kilmington, Devon

John Pidgeon and Joan Cooke were married at Luppitt, Devon in 1730. According to the marriage record, Joan was fron Combe Raleigh and John was from Luppitt. No baptism record can be found for John – perhaps he came from Sidbury, and it was one of the many lost records of Sidbury.

John and Joan settled at Kilmington, a small village about 1½ miles from Axminster, Devon. Their son John was married twice in Kilmington, first to Elizabeth Ash, and then to Susannah French. His five children were all baptised at Kilmington. Of these, little is known of the two daughters and one son John died in Kilmington, possibly unmarried. Most of the descendants of the eldest son William remained in the Axminster area, with a few migrating as far as Dorset, Somerset and South Wales (see the Pidgeons of Axminster family tree). The younger son James moved to Bridport, Dorset and married Sarah Budden there (see the Pidgeons of Bridport family tree).

Of the Bridport Pidgeons, one family moved to Poplar, East London, and another to Stafford, both in the 1870s – see the Pidgeons of Poplar and Pidgeons of Stafford family trees.

Contributor: Basil Pidgeon

   ab. = about,  b. = born,  bp. = baptised,  bu. = buried,  d. = died,  m. = married,
   (+) = extra-marital relationship
John PIDGEON (bp. – bu.)
   m.(17/1/1729/30, Luppitt, Devon) Joane COOKE (of Combe Raleigh)
    |– Mary PIDGEON (b.29/10/1730, Combe Raleigh – d.)
    |     (+) ? ?
    |      └ Mary Smith PIDGEON (b.ab.1746, bp.12/5/1763, Axminster – d.)
    |– John PIDGEON (bp.5/11/1741, Kilmington – bu.17/2/1828, 87y, Kilmington) Yeoman
    |      m1.(18/3/1764, Axminster) Elizabeth ASH (wid.) (bp. - bu.25/2/1779, Kilmington)
    |       |
    |       |– William PIDGEON (b.13/4/1765, Kilmington - d.) Wheelwright
    |       :      m1.(27/1/1794, Axminster) Ann HONEYBONE (b.ab.1773 – bu.4/11/1802, 29y, Axminster)
    |       :       |
    |       :      └  →  see the Pidgeons of Axlminster family tree
    |       :
    |      m2.(1/2/1780, Kilmington) Susannah FRENCH (bp.3/8/1755, Kilmington – bu.21/3/1821, 65y, Kilmington)
    |       |
    |       |– John PIDGEON (bp.15/10/1781, Kilmington – d.1838, Kilmington)
    |       |
    |       |– Joan PIDGEON (b.12/1/1785, Kilmington – d.)
    |       |
    |       |– James PIDGEON (bp.13/4/1788, 3w, Kilmington – d.13/3/1847, Bridport) Sawyer
    |       |      m.(4/9/1808, Bridport) Sarah BUDDEN (bp.9/10/1789, Bridport – bu.21/1/1855, 65y, Allington)
    |       |       |                                                                                                                                   Twine Spinner
    |       |      └  →  see the Pidgeons of Bridport family tree
    |       |
    |      └  Mary PIDGEON (bp.15/3/1795, 12w, Kilmington – d.)
    |              m.() John HALLETT (b. – d.)
   └  Joan PIDGEON (bp.26/12/1744, Axminster – d.)
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