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PIDGEONs of Ottery St Mary, Devon

John PYGEON married Elizabeth LEE at Branscombe in 1600. They settled in the village of Ottery St Mary, where their children were born. John probably came from Sidbury, which is only three miles from both Ottery St Mary and Branscombe, and was probably a son or grandson of one of the “able-bodied men” in the 1569 muster roll. The children of John and Elizabeth who survived to marry did so at Venn Ottery.

This is an isolated family because of the scarcity of records – no further links can be found, possibly because of the loss of early Sidbury records.

Contributor: Basil Pidgeon

   ab. = about,  b. = born,  bp. = baptised,  bu. = buried,  d. = died,  m. = married,
John PYGEON (bp. – bu.2/11/1649, Ottery St Mary)
   m?(30/6/1600, Branscombe) Elizabeth LEE (b. – d.22/2/1653/4, Ottery St Mary)
    |– Alice PYGEON (bp.8/8/1602, Ottery St Mary – d.)
    |      m.(1/11/1624, Venn Ottery) Christopher POTTER (b. – d.)
    |– Marie PYGEON (bp.1/1/1605/6, Ottery St Mary – d.)
    |      m.(4/5/1631, Venn Ottery) Matthew HEYMAN (b. – d.)
    |       |
    |       |– Margery HAYMAN (bp.12/1/1634/5, Venn Ottery – d.)
    |       |– Jone HAYMAN (bp.15/1/1636/7, Venn Ottery – d.)
    |      └  Matthat HAYMAN (bp.24/8/1638, Venn Ottery – d.)
    |– Katherine PYGEON (bp.25/1/1607/8, Ottery St Mary – d.)
    |      m.(28/4/1636, Venn Ottery) John COTTERELL (b. – d.)
    |– John PYGEON (bp.1/3/1607/8, Ottery St Mary – d.9/10/1637, Venn Ottery)
    |      m.(31/1/1630/1, Venn Ottery) Elizabeth CONNATT (b. – d.)
    |– Jane PIGEON (bp.26/11/1609, Ottery St Mary – d.)
    |      m.(2/6/1634, Venn Ottery) Robert PODGER (b. – d.)
    |– Roger PYGEON (bp.28/1/1610/1, Ottery St Mary – d.)
    |      m.() Susan ? (b. – d.)
    |       |
    |      └  Anne PIDGEON (bp.8/6/1639, Ottery St Mary – d.)
    |– Peter PIGEONE (bp.10/9/1613, Ottery St Mary – bu.26/5/1617, Ottery St Mary)
   └  John PIDGEiON (bp.22/2/1617/8, Ottery St Mary – d.)
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